About Us

Global Fastener Engineering Inc (GFE) is one of the largest fastener distributors in North America, we have our own manufacturer who is the largest blind rivets and threaded inserts plant in China, the plant has founded in 1990, now it has more than 500 people and 700 machines, most of the machines are imported from Italy and Korea, it has the certificates of ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, GBT24001, GBT28001, so we can provide the high quality products with the cheapest prices.

GFE provides both fastening solutions and high quality products, such as blind rivets, threaded inserts, rivet tools, threaded insert tools, sealing plugs, drive pin rivets, neoprene inserts, also we can produce customized fasteners according to the application request.

GFE goal is “Riveting world, connecting globe”.